Can't directly open Htp address on Opus

I could do it before I reinstall my WIN10 and Opus but now it's fail.
When I write the htp line from my phone to address bar and press Enter, it would open a blank window of default web explorer, and it would directly open on windows default file explorer.

I can't find something about HTP on Opus's setting, so where is the problem and how to slove it?

Could be a change in how the default web browser has registered itself.

Does pasting the same URL into the Start Menu work? Or into a web browser?

I just remember another thing, my old pc's original web browser is IE 11 and WIN10 is not 2H22, and now it's edge and 2H22.

Although I both set Chrome as default web browser but these change may effect something..

It could be a difference between IE and Edge. But why paste a URL into Opus in the first place? Opus isn't a web browser.

it's a htp url from my phone that could make me open my phone's disk without usb line.
it may no problem to directly show my url------------ it's ""

And I found the button "map network drive" on Tools could also make Opus open phone's htp url link, but the address site seems different, I don't know why.

That's an FTP URL not an HTP (HTTP) one.

It should work in the path field if the phone allows anonymous access. Alternatively, try it in FTP > Quick Connect, which also lets you type in a username and password.

You would not normally map a drive to an FTP server. That's usually for network shares (sometimes called SMB shares) which are a different thing.

The FTP FAQ has more suggestions if that doesn't work.