Can't enable dark mode


I have my Windows theme set to dark, but Directory Opus doesn't detect it, and it displays everything with a white background, which burns my eyes. I can't find the setting for the manual override. Can somebody guide me where to find it?

Also, is it possible that my Windows installation is buggy, should I reformat my PC? Other programs, including Office, detect the settings fine.


Lots of threads about dark mode and dark themes, if you search:

I just see a bunch of old threads pre-Windows 10, before dark mode was implemented.

I just want to know where the setting is. Is it under preferences? Searching for "dark" gives me no results.

Thank you.

There isn't a one button switch (at least not yet), but you can install a theme which is quick and easy.

...and many other threads, made long after Windows 10 was released.

For the themes themselves: