Can't get back Windows Context Menu

A year ago or so I came around a possibility in Dopus to hide the systems (Explorer's) contextual menu entries on files.

And I happily did so, because a lot of programs add a lot of crap, that I do not need.

Now I want them back. I just forgot how to do it ? I checked my default-filetypes, the filetype-groups and one specific, but I do not find any entry, that would lead me to where I came from.

Is there a way to completly customize the popup menu on a file, so, that I get only shown those elements of the explorer menu, that I want ?


This should explain it:

[Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus)

Thanks a lot. I am pretty tired now, so I will investigate tomorrow and report back.

Okay, thanks. I thought the Windows context-menus get disabled as per filetype, but now I found the according prefs in the configuration dialog.

I will follow the tutorial but to be hones, I would prefer Dopus have something to make such things easier.

Maybe like showing all the available context-menu entries (as per registry) for each filetype in the filetype-dialog with possibilities to rearrange, hide and show certain elements. And some place to globally act upon these items. That'd be nice :slight_smile:

I can't fault anyone for wanting an easier way of doing things... but just so you know, once you've gotten an understanding of the different ways Windows handles context menu items, modifying them in Opus is pretty easy.

In case you haven't read these yet - check out:

[url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]
[url]Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files]

Again, I realize it would be nicer to have a 'gui' drag and drop context menu editor (ala Mmm+). But using the ContextMenuDbg setting in Opus to at least 'identify' context menu handlers makes things much quicker than it used to be by having to sift through the registry. Personally, I've even created a dual-button toolbar button to enable and disable ContextMenuDbg with LMB/RMB by running either of the following commands:

regedit /s /i "c:\program files\stuff\contextmenudbg.reg"
regedit /s /i "c:\program files\stuff\contextmenudbgdel.reg"

...against the attached files.

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