Cant get the Beta 13 certificate per email

My email to the adresss was not answered until today.

Im a user of V12 Pro:

Hi GPSoft Team,

i ordreded a Directory Opus License for the Beta 13 Version with my Data.
But i dont got an Email with the certificate file. What can I do to get the right file for beta testing?
I checkt also the spamfolder many times too. But there is no Email in my "" Postboxe.
Alternatively i changed the emailadress in my account to but nothing happend again.... now i reset the email to gitarrst_manu@webde

I'm really looking forward to testing the new version!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping me!

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As far as I can tell from the logs the email is being sent ok:

There's not much more we can do here; if it's being received successfully by and then not delivered (or its being routed to spam) then you'll need to talk to your email provider about why they're doing that.

Make sure that you're not using this stupid Outlook app on Windows 11 (the one that replaces the Mail app).

I got confused by it. It has shown the newer junk mails in the "Spam" folder, but not the ones from gpsoft which were sent earlier. After manual login to Gmail by Internet Browser, they were literally all there.

Thanks for your fast support!!
I talk to my provider and they could fix the problem of my account! :blush:

Very strange but now the Beta works very nice!

Best regards from Germany

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