Can't give a file, URL, execution capabilities

I am trained to create a file that when selected will give me execution capabilities.
Filename "Opus.url"
This should take me to the Opus Form.

Text File
The text file would contain:

I would prefer to do this without creating a button. Just simply click on the filename, that was set up for this purpose.

Just drag the icon from your browser's URL bar into a folder. That will create a URL file which goes to the page you were on.

I tried dragging the URL from this site to my opus page without success.

I might mention it does show a padlock, in a locked position, not sure if that has anything to do with my issue.

Does it work if you drag to the Windows desktop, or into a File Explorer window?

Which web browser are you using?

No luck here either.

The problem is probably with your web browser then.

It works in Chrome.

Okay. I will look into that.

On a side note your response to this initial topic has to be a world record. I no more than uploaded the message and went back in so I could check later to see when I got a response. There was already a response from you. Wow!

The more time I spend.
Yes it did work. All OK.