Can't install latest update [solved: Airfoil]

I clicked the option to install the latest update, but there seems to be a problem that is stopping the installer initialising. It gets about 75% of the way across the progress bar and then just stops.

I though, OK just un install DOpus and install again, but the uninstaller does the same thing. So I'm stuck and can't work out what to do next.

It seems to kick of a process called ISBEW64.exe which is part of installshield, and that is left running if I cancel the hanging install or uninstall. So I don't know if the problem is with Installsheild or the DOpus installer process.

Any ideas?

Do you have Airfoil installed?

That software is known to break Installshield, not just for Opus but for several other things. Details are in the FAQ: Problems installing Opus.

FWIW, I reported the problem to Airfoil and they have released a few updates since then, so it might be fixed in newer versions of Airfoil.

I did indeed. I removed it last night as I'd given up using it anyway and cleaned out DOpus in Safe mode, then rebooted and installed again fine.

Good shout though.