Can't lock tabs, can't "re-use" folders to prevent new tabs opening if it already is opened, and more

Tab locking doesn't seem to exist in DOpus 12 - this is a vital feature and one that all explorer replacements have but it doesn't seem to exist...

There doesn't appear to be a "re-use" tab option so if you open a new tab with the same path as one already opened.. instead of it opening a new one it switches to the already opened tab..

There is no option to enable multi-line tab list ( also vital because you can't even use the scroll wheel to roll-through the single-line list and the menu option is clunky and isn't easy or intuitive )...

I can't seem to find the option which lets you alter row color ( i % 2 )...

I have tried, and purchased, many different explorer replacements.. Some have most of the features I want while others lack even the most basic features but have something else which makes it stand out. I'm honestly nearing the point of coding my own but with a broken neck and back from a car accident in 2011 where someone ran a stop sign and hit me I can barely walk or sit and I am already trying to finish other projects - I want an explorer replacement that doesn't make things harder.. I want one that makes it easier to navigate through my projects and does it intuitively...

Tab Locking is in Opus 12 (Pro only). But it also depends what you mean by tab locking, as it means different things to different people.

Tab re-use is possible in various ways. How to set it up depends on exactly what you are doing.

We feel that multi-line tab controls are a user interface anti-pattern, but maybe it will be an option one day. We have changed our minds before. We prefer a left/right-aligned tab column, or the pop-up overflow menu, as solutions for when one top/bottom-aligned tab row is not enough; give them a try.

That's a bit cryptic. Are we still talking about folder tabs here? If you mean alternating row background colors in the file display, they are set under Preferences / File Display Modes / Details in Opus Pro, or Preferences / File Displays / Details in Opus Light.

Why would such a basic feature be pro only? That makes no sense... It also isn't listed in the features list or differences so it should be in light.

i % 2 to alternate the background color of each item in the file list... The only thing that is here in File Displayers > Details are grid lines... Nothing to alternate row color ( which was in the features video )

It is one of the grid lines options. Select the solid style from the drop-down.

It sounds like you should be taking advantage of the free 60 day trial for the Pro version and giving that a try.

The Humble Bundle Lifehacker Software Bundle still has two days left... Directory Opus Light for $1!

I already own Directory Opus Light but locked tabs should be part of it... It is one of the most basic features, along with re-using tabs, which doesn't take much effort to code and which is in every free explorer replacement I've used but I was looking for better features or more stable software... I've tried QTTabBar which has stability issues, Explorer++ which crashes more often than not, I bought XYPlorer which makes tabs disappear if you open too many with no way to quickly scroll through them or a way to display them on multiple lines ( problems Opus has ) and am waiting on a refund because it doesn't serve the purpose of an explorer replacement because you can't open more than a few tabs and remain effective unless you rename all of them...

QTTabBar has nice features such as automatically renaming like-tabs by including the parent folder in the name if 2 or more directories / tabs are open ( which aren't the same path ) which have the same name.. So instead of server/, server/ you see server ( gamemode ), server ( framework )...

XY has nice labeling feature which is actually a lot more stable than Opus ( because columns don't rearrange themselves when you add a tag, etc.. you can add tag colors and display multiple tags side-by side and Opus lets you show 1 icon for status or label and one for the file... Also portable.

If multiple icons could be shown side-by-side then I could make the status column slightly larger and create a TODO icon to go along with my Realm icons ( Client, Server, Menu, Shared amongst any combo of these ) but you can't... You can't even lock tabs, the folders don't get named something useful if the same folder-name is used in a different folder meaning you have to rename or add a tab color ( also in xy ), etc...

If everything everyone wanted was added to Light, it would be the same as Pro, and also the same price. If you have lots of very specific requirements and want the absolute best and most configurable file manager, not just "a better Explorer" for quick use, then you'll want the Pro version. If you got Light via Humble then you're still getting a bargain if you upgrade from one to the other.

Stability problems and bugs in other products aren't really relevant here. Please keep the discussion to Opus. The forum is to help you use Opus, not to discuss other software (unless it's about how to make Opus and that software work together).

You can do that using scripts in Opus, but scripts requires Pro.

Without scripts, the following codes can be added to tab labels to make them show more context than the default (but with scripts you can make them do just about anything you want):

    %P - full path of the current folder
    %N - name of the current folder
    %R - drive root of the current folder
    %% - insert a literal % character

As I said in your thread about that, that was fixed already and you can download the beta to get the fix right now.

They can:

Thanks; but certain features are expected for tabbed / multi-document-interface applications such as middle mouse button to open in background for folders, close tab, etc...

All free explorer replacements include locked tabs, as do all paid that I've come across... It is an expected option for tabbed explorers and this one requires pro to have it which isn't right - yeah you can still have a pro version for scripts and some of those features, but these features are expected for tabbed explorers... All of them have them and total code length is under 10 lines for everything if done properly... It should be a light feature or it should be explicitly listed as a PRO feature on the Light > Pro differences page ( which it isn't ).

I was also comparing other free / paid explorer replacements that ALL have locked tab as a default feature.

Also, since plugins / addons are supported in light, I could simply code these features back in instead of spending another $40 and being disappointed.

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Viewer plugins and VFS plugins have no control over tab labels. TBH if you want something enough to spend hours talking about it and consider writing plugins to get every small detail just as you want it, then I don't personally understand the reluctance to pay for it, when it's about the price of a new game. But I can't tell you how much your time/money is worth! As for being disappointed, you can try the Pro version for free for 60 days to see if it is worth it for you.

I wanted to reply to the regex thread because ^ doesn't seem to work... but the thread is gone.. Please restore it..

Trying to match folders beginning with ...
Folders Only

Nothing matched... and I'd like to compare this to the example given, which should be exactly the same excluding .lua

Also, there is no way to match the "folder" .. it seems... Trying to match (.*) all to make sure all folders appear ABOVE everything when I group-by tag and the .. link-folder doesn't get moved.. It remains unspecified..

Trying to match .. without regex won't work, using .., ^.., ^.., etc.. all don't work... This could be another bug.