Can't Open Lister (Google Drive FileStream)

Hi team,

I am experiencing a situation whereby I am unable to run Directory Opus properly - although it appears to be running, I am unable to open any Listers. I am 99% sure it is connected to Google Drive in some way as when Google Drive FileStream is not running, Opus appears to run normally.

I have selected Opus to be the "Explorer replacement" in the preferences, and on occasion when a Lister does open - as soon as I click on any drive related to my Google drive (i.e. a Google desktop virtual drive), suddenly the G Drive RAM usage shoots massively and Opus no longer opens.

On occasion (but not always) EVENTUALLY the Opus Lister will pop up but still crashes when a virual Google drive is clicked on.

I have created a few dump files of the Directory Opus process from my Task manager but am not quite sure how to upload them here.

Could someone please advise or help me as currently my PC is almost unusable.

Many thanks

That sounds like Google Drive FIleStream is the problem, not Opus. (We've seen a lot of bugs in it in the short time it has existed.)

The Manually generating process snapshots guide includes suggestions on how to send them.

From looking at the dumps you sent, it's almost certainly a Google Drive FileStream issue. Opus is just calling GetFileAttributesW on a folder path (presumably one within GDFS), which should not cause a huge amount of memory use or the other problems you're seeing.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for getting back to me - it was definitely a GDrive issue as when I reverted back to using Windows Explorer that would hang and crash too whenever a GDrive related drive or folder was accessed.

Good news is that it seems to have sorted itself out (for now) - I think it may have been because I added a couple of folders from my local machine to be synced to GDrive under the "My Computer" area. Perhaps it just didn't like the fact that there were so many file to sync as a lot of them were small sized .log files.

Anyhow, many thanks!