Can't Print - Hard to Print Forum Threads Posts

Using chromium-based browsers, I routinely Print > Save to PDF forum threads or posts that help me solve problems.

But this forum is super difficult to do that with - no matter if I simply go Print >,
or if I - copy then Print > (chromium will say "Print Selection")
or any other strategy that I've been able to hack out on other semi-difficult sites like StackOverflow, etc.

Is this intentional? If so, would you kindly explain why you'd restrict easy print-ability?

If not, would anyone have suggestions how to solve this?

For instance - right now UBlock Origin shows -0- blocks (obviously) -
yet I often use UBlock to delete various parts of a webpage that overlay/block regular text -
I've learned enough .css to be able to hack these things to make a decent print job -
then whatever is left over, I use Acrobat Pro > Content to drill through & delete the remainder.

Many forums, but this one in particular, are just a goldmine of information and solutions.
Thank You

We didn't make the forum software.

This thread on the forum for the forum software says Ctrl+P should work, and that seems correct from a quick try:

Here's what I use:

Very useful indeed :slight_smile:

Part of the issue is that the forum won't download and render every post in a long thread, until you've scrolled past it. So saving the page may not get you everything (unless the extension knows about Discourse and knows how to ask it to load everything, which is possible; Discourse is very popular now).

Ctrl+P seems to load the entire page into memory before printing, so it should solve the problem.

@Itisi - Thx for Honorable Mention! I do use this occasionally, but prefer print to .pdf b/c I draw and comment like crazy in the .pdfs - it's easier for me than to use a comparable .html editor that would allow both drawing & commenting.

Also, I have been known to simply screencapture a webpage > paste the Atlantis document > print to .pdf as a workaround.

MARK SOLVED !!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Leo is the resident Genius once again!

Who'd have thought? 1st use ctrl-P ..... it threw up a New browser window (not just a New Tab)
that exactly cached the entire 35+ page thread, then Printed it to .pdf as pretty as you please.

wow, this is turning out to be a Super Sunday for me,
and it's not even Major League Sports Playoffs! Thx y'all

2nd EDIT - also thx Leo for pointing out that this is a "" platform -
I've bkmk that for the useful future also.

EDIT - I don't see an icon to "Mark Solved" like I had done before - can I get a help on this too?

  • A quick search on the shows that "Solved" button depends on a plugin
    and that it's only available on certain categories

Yep, that's probably possible with longer threads. I mostly use it on the manual though - works fine for me ..,.

Just tried saving Enter date correctly - #42 by dasota with SingleFile - broke off half way through. "CTRL-P" did the job...