Can't rename FLV files in line?

i have the latest klite mega codec installed on my computer and i can play flv files using the ffdshow filter in dopus but my problem is appeared the previous week : when playing flv file in the movie plugin,and i want to rename it dopus says me impossible to rename the file because it's used by another process!

i reinstalled klite codec and i have the same problem?
please can someone help me to resolve this issue?
thanks in advance

I presume you can rename the file if you close the viewer? If not then the rest of my reply does not apply.

If the rename only fails when the viewer is open then it is almost certainly due to FLV video codec/splitter locking the file in a way which prevents Opus from renaming it.

On my machine I play FLV files in Opus via the FFDShow codec and the FLV Splitter (as described in the FAQ on movie playback). I don't have any problems renaming FLV files which are being displayed in the Movie plugin.

I don't know what K-Lite uses for FLV playback but if different codecs/splitters lock the files in ways which prevent Opus from renaming them then there isn't much Opus can do about it and you have to either change codecs/splitters or close the viewer before renaming.

The Movie plugin could copy files to a temporary directory and open those instead of the real files, to prevent the locks, but I don't think that would make sense in general since movie files tend to be big enough that copying them is not instant, and since most codecs do not seem to lock the files from being renamed.

thanks leo you are right
i can rename the file when closing the movie player so it's an ffdshow issue but the strange thing thant i was able to do this until the previous week?
have you any ideas?

thanks again

Unless it's an issue with a particular version of FFDShow, it would be strange for it to be FFDShow since I use that and it works okay here.

If you turn on the Video Codec column in the file display which codec is reported as handling the FLV files? Maybe something else has taken them over. That would explain why things changed recently on your machine.

thanks leo i'll try your trick :wink:

Hello....Is there any practical solution to the renaming of FLV and other video (avi, mp4, etc) files while the Viewer is on?

The whole idea is to quickly scan through a video directory previewing movies and quickly renaming and grouping them but
It's way to much trouble to go through a page of video files having to turn off the viewer each time to rename the file.
This viewer feature makes it practically useless.

So, Is there another viewer option?

Extra Bonus Idea... What would be really useful is a thumbnail preview feature like on the Bing video Search Page..
.. Hovering over the thumbnail plays a short segment long enough to see what the video is about.

You could make the F2 hotkey run a script which closes the viewer if it's open, does the inline rename, then reopens the viewer if it was open.

It's also possible that some video players or splitters will allow the files they are playing to be renamed. It may not be Opus itself locking the files from being renamed; it may be the components which view them.

If they are small videos, you can use the Open Temporary Copies option in the ActiveX plugin (and turn off the Movies plugin). But that would be very slow for large videos.

Regarding rename on movies and things, I wanted to give a short hint on "GOM Player", a standalone video player I use for sorting, renaming and previewing movies, as it is very special in the following:

This player amazes me everytime I..

  • play the movie file
  • rename the movie file
  • move the movie file anywhere else
  • or even delete the movie file!

It keeps playing all the time and all that works even if the file is on a remote unc path. That is real magic I think and very handy! o)
I prefer this player over VLC e.g., as it is quick, customizable and supports all formats ootb, using it for 95% of my files.

I think GOM Player uses a special threading technique to do this, maybe that could be borrowed and put into the approprioate DO viewer, plugin, codec somehow?! By creating some kind of wrapper maybe? Whatever, moving a file, which then continues to play, is just kind of wtf/wow the first time you do, but why not? o)

I can already rename and delete files the Opus movie plugin is playing, at least WMV ones.

(Deletion shouldn't ever be an issue, even with different plugins, codecs, splitters, etc. The viewer will stop displaying a file if you delete it, unless you do something tricky like view the file, then rename the file, then delete it; in that case, for me with a WMV file, the delete still works but the file is left in a "pending delete" state until the viewer is closed. So still no problem.)

So whatever is preventing you from renaming or deleting the files, is not Opus. As I said above, other components are involved when playing video files and may lock files in different ways.