Can't restore configuration without overwriting bookmarks

I am trying to keep the same Opus config between 3 machines, with the exception of bookmarks which are unique to each machine. So, I would like to backup configuration on one machine, and then be able to restore it on another, while keeping that machine's BMs intact.
The manual says:

[quote]Backup miscellaneous data will backup data that, while not forming part of your configuration as such, may still be important - things like your File Collections, Libraries and Flickr photoset information for example. Finally, Backup local state data will include data that may really only make sense on the local machine - things like your favorite folders, remembered window positions and so on.
I tried restoring configuration with unchecking "Restore local state data" and/or "Restore miscellaneous data". With both of those options unchecked, the BMs get overwritten on restore. Am I doing this right?

The manual is incorrect on that detail. We'll correct that the next time it is re-built.

To preserve your Favorites, you would need to preserve these two files, under /dopusdata\Config Files:

[ul][li]favorites.ofv (the main favorites list)[/li]
[li]smartfav.osf (can be ignored if you do not use Smart Favorites)[/li][/ul]

That could be done by one of:

[ul][li]Copying the files out before restoring the config backup, then copying them back afterwards. (if you backup and restore often, you can automate the three steps.)

[li]Removing the files from the backup archives (which can be renamed to .zip and modified, then renamed back to .ocb). Then, when you restore the backup the files will be left as they are. (Of course, this will not work if you choose Replace existing configuration completely when restoring the backup, since that will still erase your whole config before restoring the backup.)

[li]Not using the backup & restore wizard at all, and manually copying only the files you want to share between machines, avoiding those you don't. All the config is stored in files so it is easily copied. This should be done after fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus).[/li][/ul]

Great. Thank you, Leo.