Can't save/update listers

I installed the latest update Prior to the update I could save default listers & make new listers. Now, I cannot save any listers. Please help. Also please send info to another e-mail address


Do you mean something goes wrong when you use Settings -> Set as Default Lister?

What actually happens? Do you see an error message, or does it succeed? What goes wrong when you try to open the default lister?

How are you opening the new lister?

Are you able to save other Preferences okay, with them sticking through a reboot?

Did you reboot after installing the update?


I do not receive any error messages.

I go to Settings, Set as Default Lister. Exit the program.

Open the program. No change has been made to the lister.

I try to save the lister as Daryl1. Exit the program.

Open the program. Open the lister Daryl 1. No change to the lister.

Yes I rebooted after installing the update. All other preferences stayed the the same.

Please help.

Daryl D. Vorpahl

Anything to do with Pro vs Light?

Go to /dopusdata/Layouts/System and observe the file called default.oll when you run the Set As Default Lister command. You should see its timestamp change to the current date/time. If not, maybe check the permissions on that file / folder to make sure you are able to write to it.


I deleted the old listers, made a new named lister & everything works fine.



I have checked all my folders.

All the folder formats are different. Some go for Tab 7 (in default) and I have no idea what
Tab 7 is.

Setting the listers doesn't lock in the folder layouts either.

How can I, simply, get all the folders to have the same format?

When I uninstallaed Directory Opus & then reinstalled it I have the same folder format error.

Isn't their a way to just get it to the default for all folders and then all will be the same?

Please help. I have looked at the Folder Guide and everything seems to match there.


One of the things the guide tells you to do is go through the folder formats and make them the same. You say they are not the same. You need to make them the same.

Especially the Default Formats which are in the section of the guide I highlighted in our private messages and which were pointed to by the tooltip you saw.

I don't know what Tab 7 is, but if you can give more context about where that appears, or a screenshot, it should be easy to explain what it is.

I officially give up.

I dropped all connected folders.

I opened up the folder format I wanted. Set it as default. Set lister as default.

Closed Directory Opus. Reopened Directory Opus & folder format was as the original format, not as I set it up.

I have tried all the guides & have asked for a simple way to set the folder format up as if I just installed Directory Opus.

Since I can't get a simple way to do that I am officially giving up.

Tech Support on this matter has been very POOR and I am very disappointed.

I thought that tech support was supposed to help, not frustrate. I feel more frustrated than ever.

If this tech support is what I paid for, then I would surely ask for a refund.

I would say thanks, but I am too tired & frustrated to waste my breath.

I guess my final request for information is that if I completely uninstalled Directory Opus, how could
I ensure that the file format would be as the default?


I'm not really sure why you think tech support has been poor, when you're the one who has ignored our questions and requests for more information and/or screenshots.

Since you asked I will tell you.

I didn't ignore any requests for any information.

I gave what I could provide and what I could produce.

I sent, probably by mistake, pm's to Leo giving all the info I could.

I am not used to a program that has defaults that can change every time I open the program and defaults
that do not default back to the original program.

I asked for a very simple way to set my defaults back to the original set up for the program and I have been
ignored or told to go back to the folder format setup. I am not a novice when it comes to computers or

I tried all that before I asked for technical assistance.

I still need technical assistance.

Is there someone there that will give assistance instead of trying to imply that I am being


On 26-sep I asked you a question which you ignored. On nov-17 Leo asked for more information and screenshots which you ignored.

You'll notice the forum is not full of people with this problem which suggests it is something specific to your machine and/or configuration, which is the reason for our requests for more information.


I wasn't able to take a screenshot of the information that Leo requested. I tried. And even if my issue isn't one that is held by others in the forum is that any reason for me to stop asking for help?


We're not stopping you from asking for help. We have already spent a lot of time trying to help, and we are still trying to help, but we can only do so if you answer our questions.

We wouldn't ask for the information if it wasn't needed, and we can't help without it. If you ignore our requests for information and then ask the same question again expecting a different response, we are not going to get anywhere.

What problem are you running into when trying to take a screenshot? (You were able to send me one before, in the private message thread.)

The Snipping Tool built into Windows 7 is a really easy way to create screenshots, if that's where you're getting stuck.

Just run Snipping Tool from your Start Menu, then put the mouse in the top-left corner of what you want to capture, hold the left mouse button, drag to the bottom-right corner and release the mouse. The area you selected will then be captured and appear in a window, where there is a save icon which can save it to a .PNG image file.

You can attach the .PNG image to the forum. Use the "Post Reply" or "Full Editor" button, not the "Quick Reply" button. Below the box for typing your post, there's an "Upload Atttachment" tab, and within that you can select the .PNG file you created and then click "Add the file".

If you are stuck with something else, just ask.

What info do you need to help me?

All my folder formats are different even when I drop/delete all folders
and reestablish them.

Please help.


Was this done?

Jon's question is particularly important. If file permissions are preventing Opus from saving the configuration change, then other questions or suggestions that might solve the problem in a normal situation would not even work, causing more confusion.

Was this done? If so, how exactly? I'm not sure any of us know what you mean when you say something like "I dropped all connected folders" and other descriptions. Probably time to be very specific in describing steps being taken or suggested... screenshots help.

So, this was a request for a screenshot showing whatever you're looking at that made you describe "Some go for Tab 7 (in default) and I have no idea what Tab 7 is".

Sorry you're frustrated... but there are a fair number of options in this area of Opus that let you tweak things just for your needs. Let's get past the issue of whether things are otherwise working "as expected" without strange permissions issues potentially getting in the way (it's happened before) then be very specific about describing questions AND answers - and I think we can collectively help you get things working to your liking much faster.

Also, another user has just reported a similar difficulty in getting this sort of stuff worked out... can you look there at my last post, and respond HERE with your settings screenshots AFTER verifying Jon's question about the timestamp on the config files changing or not after running the Set As Default Lister command?


I checked the default.oll file and it changed when I set the default lister.

What I mean by dropping or deleting all folders is that I changed from folder format dual horizontal to single and then back to dual horizontal having the same folder & format in both, I guess the term is row. So that there is a dual appearance of folders & folder layout. When I made the directory opus appear the same in both places, I did a save as default format. My understanding is that since I had both folder formats the same then both rows should appear exactly the same. They don't and I don't know what settings to adjust.

I tried all the folder settings steje did but it made no difference. I am very confused.


"Dual Horizontal" and "Single" are Styles, not Folder Formats.

(Style can modify the folder format, but they can also do much more. e.g. Open multiple folder tabs or change which panels the window is showing.)

Do you only run into problems after selecting those styles?

When you saw the "Tab 7" thing (we're still waiting on a screenshot of that), was that when editing the Dual Horizontal or Single styles?

Also - in addition to the screenshot showing what / where "Tab 7" is coming from - if you look at the post I made in another thread (linked in my last reply) can you also post your own screenshots of your current settings on those Prefs pages?

Overall, I'm still going off of THIS description you provided - which is part of what I think made some of us think there could be a permissions problem with saving the changes to the Default Lister (but which you just answered about the default.oll file changing when you run "Set As Default Lister" - thanks for that):

[quote="Starman002"]I do not receive any error messages.
I go to Settings, Set as Default Lister. Exit the program.
Open the program. No change has been made to the lister.
I try to save the lister as Daryl1. Exit the program.
Open the program. Open the lister Daryl 1. No change to the lister.[/quote] this still an accurate description of your problem? You subsequently posted "I deleted the old listers, made a new named lister & everything works fine"... so I "think" we may have moved on from the original problem of how listers look when you launch a new lister - to some other issue of always wanting the lister format to look the same. The screenshots and an updated description of the problem will help us get you there.