Can't Search for MS Word 97-2003 files by file type?

I tried to search for MS Word 97-2003 files by file type using find file, but I could not find MS Word 97-2003 files listed on the file type list. There was a listing for "Microsoft Word Document," but that only finds DOCX files, and not Word 97-2003 files. I know I can find the files by searching for all files, but I want to search only for Word 97-2003 documents. I'm using DO version 12.21 x64, build 7478. Thanks in advance for your help.

Check the Type column:

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Microsoft have chosen to register .doc and .docx as completely separate file types, so searching by type will only find one or the other.

If you want to find files of both types at once, use a Name wildcard instead of searching by type.

e.g. *.(doc|docx) would find all files with both extensions.

Thank you very much for your help. I want to do a name search only for a Word 97-2003 file, using a word in the file name. In earlier versions of Directory Opus, I could search for a file in “find files” by using a word in the file name, and selecting “Word 97-2003 document” in the “file type” section of “find files.” Now, when I look at the “file type” box in “find files,” I only see “Microsoft Word Document,” and not “Word 97-2003 document”. Is there a way I can select Word 97-2003 files as the file type for a “find files” search? Thanks again.

  • What is shown in the Type column for a .doc file, in Opus, and in File Explorer?

    The type names come from the registry, and are set up by Word. If they're messed up or missing, try repairing Word.

  • You should be able to search for *blah*.doc to do what you want, without using the types at all.

Thanks for the help. For a .doc file, the "Type" column in Opus shows "Microsoft Word 97-2003 document". As far as I can tell, the registry does not show .doc as connected with Word 97-2003, but Word was never installed on this machine, so that may be the cause of the issue. As you wrote, the *blah*.doc syntax should do what I want, so I don't think I'll mess with the registry to try to fix this. Thanks again.