Can't see all files in standard settings

I started to try Directory Opus and like the look&feel. But in standard settings I can't see all my files.

I can see the PDFs & docs in my folder, but not the *.afpub files from Affinity Publisher. Above you can see the folder in Dopus and in Windows Explorer. I haven't set any filter and have no idea how to make all files visible.

Could you please tell me how to see all files?

Thank you for your support!

It doesn't look like you're displaying the same folder in both programs. The paths are different in the location fields and folder trees.

Libraries > Documents may be what you want to go to in Opus.

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Ok, my fault. I put the wrong folder in the favorite folder and didn't check they are different. Thank you!

All the best to Australia! I hope it will rain soon there.

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