Can't seem to map drive

I can't find the correct address to map a drive.

I have been using \\PC-MAURICE\Main Data\Data\OneDrive

Where PC-MAURICE is the PC network

Main Data is the Drive and \Data and \OneDrive are the files.

Am I missing something. Please advise

Have you tried \\PC-MAURICE\Main Data\Data\OneDrive ?

(the forum has possibly removed your first backslash from your post)

Network share names don't usually have spaces in them, so I wonder if you're missing a part of the path there.

But it's impossible for us to know what the right names of things on your network are, since we cannot see them.

You can usually find the correct path by looking on the machine where the folder lives. Right-click the shared folder and choose Properties, then Sharing, and it will tell you there if it is shared, and what the path is. (This only works for the folder which has been turned into a network share itself. It won't tell you anything about child folders.)

You can also find out which (if any) folders have been shared via Start > Computer Management > Shared Folders.

(Note that nothing here is specific to Opus, or really about Opus. This is general Windows stuff.)