Can't show focussed item after clearing the quickfilter bar

We have a command bound to escape key to disable the quickfilter bar (e.g. *img) and to show the focussed item afterwards.


But if the quickfilter bar is still on the screen (blinking cursor inside) the escape key only hides the bar but does not reveals the focussed item (can be easily reproduced in C:\Windows\System32 by filtering a single file and then hit escape). You have to press escape twice to get the focussed item back on the screen.

That is how it works normally, without binding anything to Esc.

The Esc hotkey you've defined is probably not being run at all while the quickfilter bar has focus, since the bar itself looks for the Esc key to know when to give focus back to the file display. (The file display, in turn, will react to Esc by clearing the filter, so pushing Esc twice from the quickfilter bar has the effect of clearing the filter.)

That makes sense and you are right my hotkey isn't run at all (only the 2nd keypress triggers the command). However if you disable an active quickfilter having a selected / focussed item I would appreciate to keep this item on the screen. Currently the lister is scrolled to the top even if the selected / focussed item is on the bottom.

I agree, when quickfiltering for a specific item, it would be nice to be keep it on screen when leaving by default.

But there's an emergency workaround:
You can create a new hotkey "Shift+ESC" e.g., and run these commands:

Set QUICKFILTERCLEAR ScrollSelectionIntoView
The latter command can be found here and is useful in other situations as well: Command: ScrollSelectionIntoView