Case sensitivity and wildcards/regular expressions

I sometimes need to find and/or work specifically with files whose names are all lowercase, uppercase, or mixed case. The wildcard and/or regex features in DO would seem to be ideal for this, but, in fact, they seem to be case insensitive no matter what I do. In other words, I would like to be able to use a wilcard pattern like [a-z] or a regular expression like [a-z]+ to find all lowercase filenames, in contrast to [A-Z] and [A-Z]+ to find all uppercase filenames. Is there any way to make the wildcard patterns and/or regular expressions in DO case sensitive? If not, can you please consider it a feature request?

Bump? Nobody runs into this?

I couldn't work out a way to do it.

I couldn't either. If I absolutely had to find a way to do it, I'd use a kludge and send the list of files/directories to an external utility, perhaps a text editor, which does support case sensitive RegEx. I'd process that list there then send the results back to Opus via dopusrt to do something with the files.

In other words, it would have to be pretty darn important to me before I'd do that.

I can't speak for GPSoft of course, but my guess is since Windows does not treat files as having any text case, that it hasn't been a high priority to have a case sensitive RegEx option to find file names. In other words to Windows, the following three files are all considered to be the same.


On the other hand our friendly wizards here did recently add the case sensitive option, including RegEx, to the rename file dialog tool, so perhaps they might be open to this as a feature request for finding files/folders as well.