CBR file thumbnails with CBX Shell

The new addition of CBR files to Opus' archive system seems to have broken the ability of CBX Shell to display thumbnails for comic book archive files.


Is there a quick fix for this?

I went to submit this to GPSoft and it seems that these forums are now the official place to get help?

Anyway I looked a little deeper into this today. If I remove RAR from the list of supported archives listed under the Archive plugin, my CBR thumbnails come back.

Hmm, yeah, in adding support to view .CBR files as archives, Opus will now be generating thumbnails of them.

I'll have a think about how we can improve this, although it won't be done in time for the update.

Thank you very much Leo. I appreciate anything you can do :slight_smile:

Just a gentle nudge to see if this can get some attention :smiley:

Coming soon...