CCLeanerish 2019


nice work.
can u upload your theme and lister layout / stile
the complet layout

Thanks. I'm more than happy to upload the graphics, but the setup itself is simply too customized to save as a theme.

Wouldn't that just make it a Configuration File instead?

Settings > Backup & Restore. Then you save an .ocb file.

From KingOfDaClick's Pack 2020 - (.ocb file only)

Unlike themes (.dlt files), configuration backups replace your entire configuration. Installing a configuration backup will change every single Opus setting, and all your toolbars, folder formats, etc., to the ones saved in the file by the author.

It might be worth a shot, at least.

how to make the backgroud of the folder files as the dark and light alternatitve?

You'll find the option in the default Folder menu.


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wow, it's such an easy thing! LOL
Thank you so much, i've been looking on this for several days!

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one more question for help.
When I close and open a new tab, the grid lines disappeared, i tried to save it in folder options but usless.

Once you have the settings in places (columns etc.), click on Settings / Set as Default Lister.

Failing that, take a good look at the Folder Formats FAQ.

You probably want the Grid lines settings under Preferences / File Display Modes / Details. (Or under Power Mode if you're using that instead of Details.)

The option in the Folder menu is just for toggling grid lines temporarily, while the Preferences options are for if you want them on all the time.