Change attribute?

I see a lot of help in search for Change attribute but not how to ghabe it. I go into properties and change the grey ead to clear, blank, do a "Apply" and get nothing. It's still check marked. I get the same resault if the box is green.


You don't change attributes using Properties, Opus has a special tool to do it. Put Opus in customize mode, then look for the Set Attributes command and drag that to an empty spot on a toolbar. Close customize mode, select your file(s) and click the Set Attributes Button.

If I select the root of the drtive I end up with a green box when I view in properties. I also get the same I try asub folderthat is in the large display area. Is this OK or not?


I'm confused as to what you are trying to do.

If you select the root drive or a folder, then go to Properties, what you see is probably provided by Windows, not Opus.

I have many files marked as read only all over the drive. I'm trying to change the files that are read only. When done I would like to not have any files as read only and folders not displayed as Green on the read box - as displayed in properties. But as you said that's a window display of some sort as far as the Green Box.



You can use Opus to find all of the R/O files in a structure. To do this, use the Find command (defualt Ctrl-F) in Advanced mode and specify a filter as shown below. Change the folder to reflect the structure you want to search.
Once you have the R/O files displayed in a collection you can select the ones whose attributes you want to modify and then use the SetAttr command (default Ctrl-B) to switch off the relevant attribute, as shown.

Regards, AB

If it's your main C: drive (or whatever drive your computer boots up on), there are files you really shouldn't change from Read Only, especially those in the Windows folder and subfolders.

However if it's another drive you're talking about, then you can probably change the read only attributes as aussieboykie suggested.

There's no reason (other than file permissions) why you can't do this from the Properties dialog, or from the Opus Set Attributes dialog, by first selecting all the folders at the root of a drive. (Don't select the drive itself from My Computer; that won't work. Go into the drive and select all the folders.)

But, like John says, you really don't want to be doing this on C:\ as there are files which need to be left read-only for the system to work properly.

Oops. I just checked with an unmodified default configuration and Ctrl-B is not associated with SetAttr by default. However, the default configuration does have a SetAttr button defined as shown below.

Regards, AB

I surely would not want to change system settings. At times I need to change attributes on working files for better identification sometimes moving from one machine to another things don't appear to well.

Thanks for all the great help.

SideBar: I just typed the above with absolutely no mistakes with the new Dragon 11. Does anybody have it working with Opus. Op's it didn't like Opus but was able to retrain inless than 5 seconds.


I now have it on my taskbar.