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Change Date Taken on JPG or other picture files

How do I change the Date Taken on old pictures I am scanning in?
I found: Properties > Attributes (or Ctrl-B)
There is a place for: Times > Set Creation Time.
But every time I set this to what I want, it looks like it takes it, but it does NOT change the time on the file.

I would appreciate anyone who can answer this for me. I want my old scanned photos to carry the date they were actually taken.


All files in Windows have three standard timestamps, stored in the filesystem iteself:

  • Creation Time (usually when that copy of the file was created)
  • Modified Time (usually when the file was last edited)
  • Accessed Time (usually meaningless these days)

Image files may have additional timestamps inside the files' data, e.g. as EXIF tags:

  • Date taken (when the photo was taken)
  • Date digitized (when the photo was scanned, if it wasn't originally a digital photo)
  • Possibly others, but those are the main ones.

If you use Set Creation Time, that should set just that one timestamp, which you'd only see if you displayed that timestamp as a column. Is that what you're aiming to do, or are you aiming for another timestamp?

Thank you so much for the detailed info.
What I want is to have scanned photos carry the date I believe they were actually taken. This is mostly so that in my apps (Amazon, Google, and just file manager) when I sort my photos by date, it will be by the date they were taken.
What is the best one for that, that is used by file managers, and Amazon and Google?
And if it is one in the EXIF tags, what is the best way to change those?

For this I would be relying on the metadata Date Taken. File system timestamps are less reliable, as they can change as the files moves around.

I would also set the CreationTime for the file, as this is what's usually displayed
More details of the commands Keywords for SetAttr META

So you could run commands like this

SetAttr META "datetaken:2018-01-18 00:00:01"
SetAttr META createdate:datetaken

This is a little button I use to change the date created on selected file(s).

It sets the creatdate and datetaken files and adds a creation time if it is missing

In may be of some use to you

Change Date Created.dcf (10.2 KB)

Please feel free to amend it your needs

Thank you. This sounds good. I'm sorry, I still need some direction on how to install and use this piece you shared.

This post goes through the basics of how to use buttons and commands from the forum:

With Opus Light, you also need to add a new/empty toolbar to place your custom buttons on, which can be done via Settings > Customize Toolbars.

Leo has given you a link on how to install the button.

To use, simply select the file(s) to have their date changed and press the button. You will be invited to add the new date. Press OK and the dates are changed.

There are a couple of error traps in the macro. If you do not choose a file, you will be warned. If you choose more than one file you will be asked if that is really what you want to do so.

I added this from bitter experience. You can easily mis-select when dealing with large numbers of images in thumbnail mode, and correcting the error is a time-consuming pain.

I hadn't noticed Auden was giving you a button with a script in it before.

That won't work with Opus Light, only Pro.

Apologies, I did not realise you were using Opus Light