Change Default Program In Opus Only?

Hello All,

I have 2 pdf programs, PDF Xchange & Acrobat. I wanted to change the default within Opus so that files open in PDF Xchange by default, such as when I hit enter while exploring a directory.

However, I don't want Windows to set the default pdf program as PDF Xchange, I want it to remain as acrobat. When I scan to pdf, my document automatically opens in the 'windows default pdf viewer' which is acrobat, and I'd like it to stay that way. The few things I tried like changing the .PDF program in [settings > file types] made the change both in opus and in windows.

Can this be done?


Edit the PDF filetype in Opus and change the double-click event. That will only affect Opus.

Why didn't I think of doing that before? Something that I also find myself wanting to do regularly.

Remember, add "%1" after you have put the program location into the "double click" slot.

Even better, I can use the "double click + shift" to use the alternative, while leaving double click as is.

Ya really... it was one of those things, obvious but hidden :slight_smile:

Which is why it helps to lurk around here.

Always something interesting to ponder without ploughing through a manual.