Change filenames to lowercase

Is there a way to make all filenames lowercase for an existing group of files?

For instance, I have some filenames that have capaitlized each word in the name and I'd like to change them to be all lowercase. Is this possible to do on a large group of files?


Well in it's most simplistic form, you just select your files, go to the advanced rename dialog box, and use the "Standard Rename" preset. Ignore what's in the old name/new name boxes, and select the appropriate "Modify Capitalization" option.

uhhhhhhh, yes. That works quite well. I didn't see that. :blush:

I've gotten more familiar with the advanced rename function. I'm slowly making my way through the 220page help document so I may have missed the capability to use wildcards during advanced rename. But I've been able to make all files lowercase, and then go back to re-capitalize certain acronyms. Works great.