Change folder sorting temporarily


My folders are sorted by name by default, but sometimes I want the folders to be sorted by time temporarily , so I can easily delete the folder for a specific time period. Can I do as simple as switching to type and size sorting?


Opus is too powerful and has too many secret features. I originally wanted to make a suggestion, hold down shift, Ctrl or Alt, and then click on the modification time, the folders will be sorted by time. I didn't think that when I pressed Alt, the miracle appeared, and the folders were sorted by time. It turns out that Opus has this feature, and the sorting is clearer, but I don't know.

Opus is amazing, thanks to Leo, Jon, Greg, you are great!


One more thing, after I sorted the folders by pressing Alt, I double-clicked on the background, and the sorting of the folders could not be restored to the previous default state. Because I only want to sort a particular folder temporarily, not all folders. At this point I can only close Opus and reopen it. It is better that sorting by pressing Alt is only valid for a specific folder, and changing the folder will not work.

What is double clicking on the background configured to do?

This feature is so convenient that I often double-click on the file window of other software.

You could use this script to force the folder format to reset on each folder change:

Or change the command the script runs so it only resets the way folders are sorted, and leaves other temporary format changes alone.

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Thanks Leo, this is a way. But it is a bit complicated and inconvenient.

Can you add another key combination, such as: Ctrl click to restore the default sort to the folder. That is, the current folder is back to the Preferences / Folder / Folder format settings regardless of the sorting manually set.

The command for that is Set FORMAT !folder, you could set up a button or hotkey to run it.

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Thanks Jon,

This method is the best and very convenient.