Change font size

Hello, i am new with dopus
I have 1 monitor and 1 tv connected to my pc. Usually i am looking tv from about 3 meters and I dont see small fonts. On my main monitor fonts size are ok.
So here is a questions : can i create a button to increase file/dir font size to 150% ? Or can i make a dual monitor config, so when i open opus on main monitor fonts are small and when i open opus on tv fonts are big ?
Thank you

Isn't that true of everything you look at on the TV? If so, you would be better seeking a global solution, like finding a way to set a better resolution on the TV. Then you will be able to see everything properly, and not just Opus.

Thank you for reply.
My tv is old. It is a 32 inch tv with a 1280x720 resolution. I watch only movie and it is fine. I have maked subtitle bigger on my default player. Now i need only a way to change opus fonts.

Set FONTSCALE=150 will make the file display in the current lister use fonts 150% the size of the font configured in Preferences, without changing other file displays.

You could use scripting events to automatically change the font size based on which monitor the lister was on, too.

Thank you for reply.
It works !
There is a way to change the directory tree font size too ?

Only by changing it for all windows via Preferences.

Thank you for reply.
It is perfect. Thank you