Change icon

Hi all,

it's difficult to see the current open folder in the folder tree when there are many many folder on the folder tree.
So, i try to change icon of open folder, i use this freeware Icon Phile :

I use this soft to remplace yellow icon by green icon.
In Explorer, there are no problem, but in DO...

Question : DO use this own icon for folder ??

Another question about icon : why the zip icon in the context menu are 16 colors instead of 32 bits color ?

I didn't try installing this on my system to play with it because it looks a little old and not actively developed... but I'm curious if you stopped and restarted the Dopus process after makign your icon changes? Not closing and reopenign the lister... but actually selcting Exit from the system tray icon's context menu?

many software to change icon don't work in DO (tuneup utilities 2006 for exemple)... i don't understand why...

if i restart DO after change, icon no change.

i resolve the problem by remplacing the open folder icon of shell32.dll file...