Change Right Click Menu

Change Right-Click Menu<<
Over the last many months my Contents Menu, right-click, has gotten very crowded. I found a program that is supposed to help me rid myself of some of the entries displayed in the Content Menu.

The program is called ShellExView v2.01. In the instructions it talks about Windows Explorer. My thought is I can make my changes to Explorer and if all works okay then my Opus should have no problem with it.

I might even have to uninstall Opus, make my changes in Explorer and then reinstall Opus. Hopefully I might not have to go to the extreme of uninstalling and reinstall.

Am I out in left field or should this be okay.

ShellExView lets you disable shell extensions, some of which add context menu items. It works with both Opus and Explorer and you don't need to uninstall/reinstall Opus, just reboot the PC after making any changes. (You don't usually even need to do that, but it's a good idea.)

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