Change "Style Tab" font

My Style Tab (which enables me to display side-by-side listers showing different folders) is taking up too much room. I frequently need to slide the many entries in it to the right or to the left, which wastes my time.

I'd like to simply drop the font down on tab labels shown on this bar so more tabs can show at once.

Where do I go to make this change? I see no such Style Tab mentioned in Preferences in the font section.

There's a button on the default toolbars which toggles dual file displays on and off. You don't need to use styles at all if that is all you're using them for.

Hey, Thanks. Yes, you're right. But I prefer just clicking a button for each of the various combo's of folders I use each day.

You can change the font size (via Settings > Customize Toolbars), but it affects the whole toolbar. If it only has style tabs then that might be OK.

I'm guessing you use some of the styles more than others. If so, you might want to create buttons for the ones you use most often, and leave the rest off the toolbar entirely. If you're using the default Opus 11 or 12 toolbars, the full list of styles should still be in the Lister menu, near the top-right.

To create a button for an individual style, the command is like this:

prefs style="commander"

Where commander is the name of the style you want.