Change the case of a specific character

i'm just wondering, after reading "regular expression syntax" , if there is a way to automatically change the case of the first letter in a file name like

01 - john is kind

to obtain

01 - John is kind

(where the j of john can be considered as the first letter or as the 6th character, as you want)


This is a good question. It is no problem using RegEx to select the proper sections of the file name, the problem is changing the text case of the sixth character.

Here is a way I found to do it with a DOpus button.

Rename PATTERN (.....)(.) TO \2\1 REGEXP CASE=firstword
Rename PATTERN (.
)(.....) TO \2\1 REGEXP

The principle is pretty simple. The first RegEx renames the selected file(s) by moving the first 5 characters in the file name, to the end. During the rename the first character in the resulting file name (which was the sixth character) is capitalized. @nodeselect keeps the file selected after renaming is done. Then the second RegEx restores the original name. I did not know if this would work since the sixth character in your example is a space, but it does.

This is not perfect by any means but it seems to do the job.

very simple john, for sure. i'm going to meditate your idea to understand and test it tonight.
Anyway, even if it does'nt work, i'm sure i'll learn a lot with your "very simple" formula. best regards

beautiful. it works perfectly. thanks i would'nt have found it by myshelf.