Change the Owner of files?


I am analyzing over 30,000 files for my work and approximately 10,000 or so have an incorrect OWNER in the windows property field. Now what I mean is the owner is a member of our IT Department. When a backup is done of a drive, some files get lost, when the IT operators retrieves those files and put them back on the shared drive, he becomes the OWNER. However, the AUTHOR field of the files does not change. I need the files to have a correct OWNER because we are moving into a new electronic connect management system and files required proper ownership.

So now I have approximately 10,000 files with incorrect OWNER but good AUTHOR. Is there a way I can change the AUTHOR to the OWNER of these files in bulk?

A user with administrator access can use the icacls or SetACL commands to set the owner of files.

You could use Opus to extract the author information for each file path, either by using the Rename scripting support (which should let you write a script which called icacls or SetACL directly) or by displaying the data in a folder and then using the Print Folder command to turn the listing into a text file which was then processed into a batch file.

I can't think of an easier way than those two methods.

Of course, it'll also be more complicated if you need to do some processing on the author names, e.g. if they do not exactly match the account names.

Thank you Leo, I will look into this right now

This post is 7 years old. Is there now facility within Directory Opus to change owner on a group of files?


Setting up a button that runs the takeown command is the easiest way.

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