Changing file attributes en masse


I like to select a few files in the lister, choose properties with Alt+Enter and change the attribute to read-only with the "r" key and hit enter to change the lot at once. I can do this in Windows XP Explorer but in Directory Opus it only changes the first one in the batch. I don't want to do lots of files separately. Can anyone help?



Use File / File Commands / Set Attributes instead of the properties dialog.

Thanks Steve,

That's not the reply I was hoping for because the keystrokes are horrible, but I suppose I can program something and put it on the menu. I wonder why it is different from Windows XP's explorer in this regard.



You can put Opus commands anywhere in your menus, toolbars or hotkeys. If you don't like where the Set Attributes command is now just move or copy it to another place.

It changes all files in the batch for me, FWIW. Which view mode are you using (Details, List, etc.) and how are you selecting the files?

Hi Leo,

I'm using Details View. I usually select by moving up or down the list with the arrows keys and the Ctrl key down and hitting space key to add a file. Sometimes I right click files with the mouse and the control key down until I have all the files I want.



This problem and the one on the thread "Need to refresh all the time" both seem to have been solved with an upgrade to from

I can now select several files and Alt+Enter into properties, hit r and enter and they all change to read-only attribute.

I can also see changes immediately to file deletions, renames etc. in the lister as detailed in the other thread.

I am very happy as both problems have been annoying me for months, and by coincidence, just when I had time to research them, they seem to have been addressed.

I hope this helps other people.