Changing folder's format

i have replaced the default format why MY default format.
Then i want to give some folder a custom view.something that i already did but there is a strange behaviour

when i chage the view of a folder because i want to give a custom format,ALL folders take that format. why? i'm changing only that folder to save custom format. All other folders whould keep the default format.

What are you doing exactly? Which buttons etc. are you clicking on?

Have you read the folder format FAQs?

what i do is just changing the view from "details" to list or tile (those are the 3 i use)
I change because i want a folder to have "tile" view,but only that folder (and others i would change later)

but i after i change the view for that folder,ALL folders have "tile" view,except the ones that already have a custom format with a different view. So it seems that this action overwrite the default format until i restart DO (but many times even restarting doesn't solve the problem) or i go in folder options and reset to user default format.

To change the view i just click the button on the toolbar

From: Folder Formats: Detailed Guide

Temporary Formats

If you are viewing a directory and make changes to the folder format (e.g. by switching to thumbnails mode, or adding, removing or sorting by a column), then your change will continue to be applied, within the current window only, when you go to other folders, unless those folders trigger an explicit format change.

You can use the Folder Formats menu to explicitly reset the format. (Alternatively, just close the current window and open a new one, which is often quicker.)

To save a special format for a folder, open Folder > Folder Options and click the Save button.

Or you can create a Path format under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, which is also where you can review and edit all similar formats.

After saving a new format, it's best to close any open listers and test in fresh ones to ensure you're testing what happens with a new window, without any remembered state due to the Temporary Formats of Cached Formats functionality described in the FAQ.

i know how to save a custom format but to do this i have to change the view and i don't want that view to be applied to other folders

So please tell me how i can avoid this. i want to change the view only for the current folder.

You can save a format for a path. It does not have to become the format for all paths; just the one(s) you want. It's an option when you click the Save button.



  1. All folders (except the ones that already has a custom format that you call "path") are in List View
  2. I want to set D:Music in Tile View
  3. I go in D:Music and i change from List to Tile --- at this point ALL THE FOLDERS ARE IN TILE VIEW
  5. i have to open a random folder,go in folder's option and reset to user default format

When i change from List to Tile in D:Music ONLY D:Music has to change,not everything

First, let's make sure your default format is correct. Some of this may be redundant, but it will clean up any mess in the folder formats which might be causing confusion.

  1. Set up a lister the way you want things to look by default (List View or whatever you want).

  2. Open Folder / Folder Options, click Save, then choose Save format for all folders (make this the default)

    Also chose Clear any saved folder formats and Replace the folder format in layouts and saved folder tabs, assuming you don't want layouts etc. to override the format.

    Click OK to make it save things as specified in the dialog.

  3. Make sure Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Ignore folder format of Default Lister is turned on. This will stop the default lister messing with your format, which might be causing confusion.

Now, to save a format for just D:\Music to be in Tile View:

  1. Go to D:\Music and switch to Tile View.
  2. Open Folder / Folder Options, click Save, then choose Save format for a folder and click OK.
  3. Close all the Opus windows you have open. Then open a fresh window to test things in.

It wasn't. now i checked and tomorrow i'll see if now it's ok

unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem
Points 1 2 and Save i already know and they doesn't mena anything in this situation

After point 1 here,the problem is that ALL FOLDERS switch to Tile view. i already said 3 times,honestly i don't know why you don't understand. My english is bad but i'm sure that this is correct.
I don't want ALL FOLDERS to become in tile view but only the one i'm in at that moment.

Then if i save or not the format for that folder doesn't mean anything for our problem,because sadly ALL FOLDERS already have the wrong view and i have to reset.

I don't know what's happening but that is not what should happen if you have followed my instructions accurately.

Are you closing the window and testing with a new one? You MUST do that when testing.

When you open a new window, how are you opening it? For the method you are using to open a window, what is it set to do under Preferences / Launching Opus? Is it the default lister, or something else?

Have you looked in Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats to see what has been defined there?

you gave no instruction,because i don't need THOSE instructions. i don't need to know how to save format,or how to set a new format. there are buttons. it's easy to do.
But when i do,i change everything and not only the current folder,you have to give me instruction about how to edit only the current folder.

i'm not testing anything. i open DO from the toolbar and i use it,i change view and everthing changes as i already explained 4 times now.

my problems are not when i open DO,but after i change the view!!!!
To open the sofware I clik on the .exe that i put on the toolbar.

It's like the default user format changes every time i change the view in a folder,so the folderse that don't have a custum format all gets the new default format

What do you mean by "ALL THE FOLDERS ARE IN TILE VIEW" ? Can you be more specific? Post screenshots if necessary.

it means that also D:Movies, C:Programs,C:Users etc etc....ALL know "all" or "every"?? Choose the one you prefer for your language.

So ALL or EVERY folder that doesn't already have a custom path format,changes the view. As i edited while you were writing, it seems that my default user format auto-updates when i change. but it only seems because if i reset i return to List

I'm D:Movies
Default format = Details

Changing to Tile

Then i go to to D:Telefilm i see

But i never changed the format there,and should see this

Firstly, please calm down. I know there are language issues here but you should know that as well. We are trying to help you, getting upset and sarcastic doesn't help anyone.

Please re-read this passage that Leo quoted in his second reply.

and i asked how to avoid this. i want to change only the current folder not ALL folders.
i know that if i want to keep a custom format i have to save manually because DO doiesn't remember the settings,but i don't want that everyhing changes when i didn't ask for it

There is no way to avoid this. That's how it works. It isn't changing the format of the folders, it's changing the format of that particular file display.

So every time people has to reset manually when changing folder? There is no sense for this behavior.

Also because main problem here is that i made a button that changes the view because i need to view a folder in more than one way. So that folder has a custom format that i seen when i click on the folder on the bookmark bar (or when i navigate to he folder),then i made a button that changes view,remove some columns and add other colums,ples grouping fiiles.
After i use that button,i go to a different folder that doesn't have a custum format,i keep seeing that format that i made just for that folder!
You are saying that the only solution is to give EVERY folder on my PC a custom format?
The default custom format should do this. I have already chosen the format i want for my folder,escept for the ones that have a different one.

I'm sorry but that's just the way the program works, and has always worked. For about 17 years :slight_smile:

A script could intercept the OnAfterFolderChange event and reset the format.