Changing how DO handles special characters rename ("&" , "/")

Hello. Here is situation:

I batch rename files sometimes to include "&" . How do make DO accept it and not completely duplicating the new name string, which is default.

Also, if I paste the new name which might contain "/" like from dates, can DO simply ignore the / character or do something else? The default seems to be making new subfolders in the original. Same situation with pasting a new filename containing colon ":" which defaults to creating new location. I seem to remember previous version would simply ignore that colon character, now it's different.


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I don't think there is anything special about the & character when renaming.

What are you doing exactly?

In standard wildcard mode and Opus 12.20.4, colon characters are ignored when pasting, unless they are in a valid position to be part of a path (i.e. the 2nd character in the name) or part of a script column name (after {scp).

Slashes are allowed since you may want to create sub-directories when renaming.

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Thanks, Leo! I inadvertently had the rename set to "regular Expressions" and Old name to (.*)\.(.*) , thus my difficulty. Really appreciate the quick reply and help!

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