Changing lister and navigating away, then back will reset to lister defaults

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it's annoying to me.

How to reproduce (current behaviour):

  • Set lister to, for example, sort files/folders by name by default.
  • Go into a folder which has archives (zip/rar, etc);
  • Sort by "Created" or "Modified";
  • Enter archive using Opus;
  • Click the address bar location to switch back to the folder containing the archive;
  • Files are now sorted by name like default lister behaviour;
  • Repeat the process, but instead of clicking the address bar location to switch back, use the back button instead. The file list should now be ordered by "Created" (or "Modified"), basically whichever column you chose before delving into the archive;

Expected behaviour:

  • Lister should preserve temporary settings and revert back to defaults upon opening a new lister;
  • Navigating back to a folder where files/folders have been sorted by a different column than the one set as default for the lister should preserve the new setting until opening a new lister window and using that.

It's because archives usually have their own folder format, separate from the one folders use. (You can turn that format off if you want to, via Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats.)

Unsaved, temporary changes, like changing sort order, only carry over to other folders using the same base format.

Going back through history, rather than navigating some other way, will also restore how that folder was being viewed the last time it was displayed, which is usually what people would want.

While "Archives" is unchecked for me under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, I was hoping that the "Automatic Formats" would remember the setting for ordering by created time for the folder that contains the archive, not the archive itself.

To give an example, I have %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\Compressed\ which is where I download the archive files. When I navigate there, I order by "Created" column so that the most recent files are at the top. I then go inside one of the archives and Extract with the dual pane copy-paste.

When moving back through the address bar to %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\Compressed\ the ordering is reset to default (by "Name"). A lot of times I don't need the whole contents of an archive so I browser through it until I get to the desired file, so navigating with the back button needs way more clicks than simply using the address bar to click on the Compressed part of the address so that I go back. This requires me to re-order the folder even though I don't want to have it ordered by "Created" all the time.