Changing Sort mode in Thumbnails is Disorienting

Greetings Gurus and Leo in particular,
When one is in Thumbnail mode and in a deep directory (you have to scroll to see all the files).
Let's say the files are sorted by modified time/date, a files is selected and that dotted rectangle positional indicator is also on screen where one has clicked on a file that is highlighted.
If one changes the sort mode to Sort by Name for example, the sort mode changes and the file one was viewing is now off screen, One has to scroll to find it. This is disorienting and it results in one losing track of where they were positionally in the lister. Also one may lose their selection as well in trying to restart navigating (that is frustrating). It shifts context away from the focus, like dropping your new Pro Camera on concrete, the viewport on the camera suddenly shifts to disorient.

Changing modes shouldn't interfere with the file selection process, this should be seamless, even though one changes sort modes, the selected file position should be maintained. You can think of it as PINNING the position when the mode shifts.

The modes I mentioned were for the purpose of example only, this anomaly may apply to other areas of the interface not mentioned or have been omitted from the Aerodynamic Refactoring Code Reviews.

I encountered this issue several times, today I couldn't take it anymore, hence now you know...

This is the magic setting for this behaviour. When it is off, the file list "jumps" to keep the one selected file in view.

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Excellent! That's exactly what I needed.

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