Changing tab resets location of locked-but-allow-changes departure tab

There seems to be a problem with using tabs that are locked but allow folder changes. With five tabs that are all locked but allow folder changes, when changing the folder in the departure tab and then selecting a different tab, the departed tab changes back to the locked folder. Is this by design?

By way of background, I use the locked-but-changeable function to emulate a web browser: the locked tab provides a home folder, so that the tab can be reset to its home folder using either a click on the locked-but-changeable icon on the tab or by mapping Alt+Home to Go TABLOCKDIR. The problem described makes this arrangement far less useful: a tab's state is lost/reset when selecting a different tab.

That is by design:

Locked (allow folder changes) : The tab is locked, but you can navigate away from the initial folder. If you switch to another tab and then back again the original folder will be restored.

An additional mode that only resets the folder if the tab is clicked when already active might make sense. The current mode does what it's meant to do though. I think that was how the feature was originally requested, a long time ago.

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the quick answer and sorry for not researching properly.

Given that the web browser tab handling paradigm is so familiar, I'm hoping a mode can be added to override the current behaviour.