Changing the tabbar background color to use background image

I recently had a hard drive crash and had to reinstall all my applications from scratch. After reinstalling DOpus...I forgot how to get the tabbar background color to use the background images. Any ideas? Thanks.

Preferences - Display - Images - Folder Tabs

It's not working. The color is still white.

Screenshot of your Preferences?

Here it is.

You have the Folder Tabs set to use the "Standard Toolbar Image" - is this what you want, or do you need to set it to use the "Standard Folder Tabs Image" instead?

I doesn't matter. No matter which one I choose...the folder tab colors are not changing. Before the crash...DOpus was able to use the background image for the folder they don't. I don't understand this problem.

However, Jon...I think the tabbar should be using the Standard Toolbar Image" because when I use the Standard Folder Tab Image...the background image for the top doesn't change...but when I choose the does.

It doesn't address why I can no longer change the background image on the tabbar anymore. There must be another setting which is not updated to allow me to do this and I'm mystified as to which one would do this.

In any case, here's a screenshot of the problem I'm having and the tabbars I want with the background image:

Oh, wait, we're talking about the tabbar toolbar. :slight_smile: I forgot the Styles toolbar was called "tabbar".

I see now.

Go into Customize mode and right-click on the Styles placeholder that will be where the Styles tabs were, then select Transparent Tabs.

I'm referring to the tabbar..the ones that have the different toolbar Commander, Explorer, Dual Pane...THAT'S what I want the background image to use on.

See the post I posted after that one (above your reply). I think we were posting at the same time.