Changing to flat view for certain directories

Hi all, is the above possible without scripting? Perfectly Ok with scripting it but wondered if I was missing something before leaping into jscript. Thanks.

Great. Thanks, Leo.

On this note, do you know how I could define and use a folder format for flat view that only displays filename and size and turns off all of the other columns? I'd like to call it from the above script. I have a directory with some 80k files in it and DOpus is chasing off reading every file for information I really don't care about.

There's a Flat View folder format in Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats for that.

Yes there is, and that's fine for almost everything. Rather than change that which will affect every flat view, I was wondering if it is possible to create a new one that displays fewer columns and switch to it from that script.

The script as it is can only run one command, so it'd have to either run a User Command (which than did both things) or the script itself would need editing. Either should be possible.

Happy to modify the script but I'm just not sure of how to do the folder format part. Any hints appreciated. I have created a suitable folder format but have been unsuccessful in having it get used in certain flat views.

It was my fault. I was using

Set FORMAT="My Flat View"

but doing that before DOpus switched to flat view. Moving it down after the switch to flat view has had the desired effect.

can also change folder formats from the Menu/Folder/Folder Formats which will list your custom Favorite Formats at the top.

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