] character erases file name on BE keyboard


I have DO 11.7 on Win7 32-bit, the keyboard is Belgian AZERTY.
When I edit a filename (left-click on already selected file, or right-click + Rename), upon entering a "]" character in the edit box the content is erased and now only contains the "]" character. (a "]" character is formed by AltGr+$ combination)
The issue was introduced in DO 11.6.
Other combinations like AltGr+^ to form "[" do not have the issue.
The issue is annoying because I use "[...]" comments in folder names for my music collection.
Could you investigate?

Thanks, Arne

If you download the most recent beta this issue should be resolved for you.

I had the same issue with any combination involving AltGr. I am on an Italian keyboard so the characters were @ # [ ] { }. As arneto said, introducing the same characters in another way (I did it via ASCII code, so Alt+091 and Alt+093 for square brackets, for example) didn't trigger the issue.

I wanted to Iet you know that I just installed DO 11.7.3 and the issue's gone. Thanks!

This fixes it.
Thanks for the great service,



The issue is reintroduced in 11.8.

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This didn't change in 11.8 as far as I know.

In the next update we'll change this function so that it uses Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down rather than a character key, which should solve the problem for good on non-English keyboards.