Cheat Keys App --for us hotkey junkies

found this cute app called CheatKeys.
it looks at what App is activate and puts a centered popup with hotkeys for the program.

nice for quick reference if you're a hotkey junkie like me. so many apps I've re-hotkeyed, or even make custom ones via AutoHotkey if the software cant do something itself.


PRO - Quick and easy Hotkey notes reference for any program!!! you can set the hotkey that opens the popup.

PRO - You can edit your own hotkey notes to each Program (the editing its very limited to simple text and pipe " | " character. but it gets the job done.) you can edit in the window itself... or if your working on a project i open the programs native ".scut" file in Notepad++ for faster editing with tools.

PRO & CON -- they advertise having an online service that will find the hotkeys for the program your using on first launch. Pro- Yes they do, Directory Opus is even here by default! albeit, out of date. Con- they only had about 12 of the 40 or so programs i checked. haha. ..... as you can create and edit your own Cheat files its okay as i change or create my own keys anyway. for the programs they dont have a quick google search, copy\paste then edit will get you started.

CON - Not worth $20 for how limited and out of date there online resources & editing abilities are. BUT they do have a $13 Special for the Beta Version. I've been using that for week, building my own hotkey list and notes.

Overall, I've been using for a week or two and LOVE it! for some one with a zillion hotkeys this is wonderful for not forgetting what i remapped to in any given program!

Heres a handful of screen shots starting with Dopus...

Their stock list of Dopus Hotkeys.

The Edit or "CUSTOMIZE" window\area

a couple more examples for software i use daily and have edited with my own reminders

flow laucher is cool program as it uses "hotstrings" as well in its serach box

and photoshop is a crazy one!!! its was built in and 407 hotkeys lines!!!!!

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