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Checksum columns giving shading for easy comparison


If columns that have categorical data, could be shaded based on their value, then that would greatly help identify rows with identical values.

MD5 / SHA, and day-granularity date or age based columns, or month, day of week, all would qualify

This presumably would not be challenging to do ?



I guess you are asking for a Heatmap style colouring?

This would be nice feature for some columns but I don't know if it work that well for a Hash column. A hash is very large number. So you could have two numbers that are different by 1, and two that are different by trillions.

What you would really needs is something like identicons. but I don't think that would work so well with just colours alone.

An alternate solution would be to group by that column.


For ages, you could add the relative age graphs, which give you a visual way to compare the age of two files. You can have them in separate columns, or behind the normal date/time columns.

Script columns can specify custom colors now, I think, but you'd need to define an algorithm to decide on what color something should be based on its hash or date, which I'm not sure is that straightforward (at least in a way that doesn't result in things that are hard to read, or that all look too similar).

Sorting and grouping seem like better solutions to being able to easily see when two things are the same in any given column.


I am reminded of a while back where I thought it would be good to try take a log of the a value to try highlight differences. It didn't work. When you have a value set with a large range of number. It will always be difficult to see small changes.

For grouping, can you sort by group count?


I'm not sure that's possible, but a script could probably do something using the FileGroup, e.g. filtering out items which are in groups of their own, so all the single-item groups are hidden.