Checksum - MD5 over ride too large error

Hi Folks:
I understand why you might not want opus doing the md5 sum for a file that is 26mb, however, I have a need for this option.
I am wondering if this can be over ridden per folder or in the program.

If not I can just do the command line but it's nice having it there in the gui.



Make a button which runs this command:


If you click this button then it will calculate the MD5 checksums and ignore the size limit. (It will also turn on the MD5 column for you, if it isn't already on.)

If no files are selected when you click the button then it will calculate the MD5 for everything in the directory. If some files are selected then it'll just calculate the MD5 for them.

If you want you can also change the size limit for automatic MD5 calculation via Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced: max_md5_file_size.

For what it's worth when I need an MD5 checksum I prefer to copy it to the Windows clipboard so I can paste it into a text editor for comparison to other MD5 checksums. The command I use to do that is:

Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash3

Also, if you don't want to make a button, you can just run the Opus command directly in Opus 9 by pressing > (shift period) and entering the command:


yip that is a good idea - maybe I'll do both.
Man this program is awsome. The only thing I can't do right now with it is make coffee.
Takes a while to get the env right i think it's a life quest. Still have trouble with the context menu's - trial and error...

I made a hotkey to generate the md5 which works well.

Not really needed but nice to have - I keep all the files which I need such a thing in a single directory. I really don't need it else where so I could create a view for that directory only and the md5 would show up only there. Then change the md5 size limit and the md5 will be generated for that directory only.

I like the clip board option... Good idea 'cuz I do need this - thanks!
I would assume I could get the hot key to do both commands. i'll try it I'll assume it works :slight_smile:

If the option is enabled does opus make the md5 anyway or only when the lister has it in the column?

Thanks guys!

Opus only calculates MD5 if you have the MD5 column open.

Yip - I have it like I want.. Exactly like I want with somethings which make life much easier!!!!



You can create a format for that folder which turns on the MD5 column automatically. That, combined with the increased size limit, should mean you get MD5s calculated and displayed automatically whenever you enter that folder but not in other places.