Cheeky question - Next sale? Or discount code?

Hi Guys

Just wondering, when usually throughout the year does DOpus have a sale on?

I'm fairly keen on purchasing, but even for me (coming from a Mac), it's a fairly ball-breaking cost, or, could anybody point me in the direction of a discount code?


The cost isn't that high. Maybe you're confusing Australian dollars with US dollars?

Also note that, unlike a lot of software, we typically put out significant updates for free for several years between major updates that we ask money for, so you can amortize the cost somewhat compared to what you might think of the cost being for other software. Our free updates are often the same level of improvements that other companies would make you wait a year for and charge half price for. Our paid updates are always worth the asking price.

Sales sometimes happen around Christmas, and sometimes at black friday, but not always both or anything every year. There probably won't be a formal sale for a while now at least, since there was on in December, but this also isn't the best place to ask as we only do tech support here. Drop sales@ an email if you want to inquire. Sometimes they have something on offer that I'm not aware of.