Chocolatey package for Directory Opus?

Hello, have you considered maintaining a Chocolatey package for Directory Opus? A lot of us DevOps types use configuration management to install software, and for windows there is a lot of support for Chocolatey in Ansible and puppet. If you've not heard of Chocolatey: it is a package manager for Windows programs.

Chocolatey page:

Package Request Portal:


It might be possible if there is demand. I think this is the first mention of it though (other than some "favorite apps" type posts).

+1, almost all my Windows software is maintained by chocolatey (about 50 packages), Directory Opus is one of only 4 I have to install manually.

Guys, I can maintain this package with others I manage, if you want.

I only need few infos from developers.

Let me know.

What info is needed? Would we need to change the way the (silent) installer works at all?

Hi Leo,

generally speaking, no changes are needed. Can you please contact me by e-mail so we can exchange some details? n i c o l a AT n i c o l a f a r i n a . i t

Would be great having Opus on Chocolatey too!


Email sent.

Hey, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for taking this on @nicola.farina and @Leo

Just for you known, Leo is really helping me to understand how this can be accomplished in the best way.

Many thanks to Opus staff to be so helpful.

Hope to give you a first Choco package soon.

Chocolatey packages are a very welcome addition!

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Hi guys, glad to announce the first Directory Opus Chocolatey package:

Let me know if you get some issues.



Works like a charm, thanks!

Thank you for your work on this! Directory Opus was one of the few applications I use that was missing from the Chocolatey package repo.