Ciso button

I want to create button to easy compress iso to cso format.
What i must do in opus? In command editor i put:

cd F:\Inne\C
F:\Inne\C\ciso.exe 9 {file} {file}

but its not work.

Complessed ISO9660 converter Ver.1

Usage: ciso level infile outfile

level: 1-9 compress ISO to CSO (0 decompress CSO to ISO)

Does it work with quotes around the {file} arguments ?

cd F:\Inne\C F:\Inne\C\ciso.exe 9 "{file}" "{file}"

You probably need to use {filepath} instead of {file}, since you've changed directories on the first line, after which the filenames by themselves aren't enough.

(Or you could remove the first line since you probably don't need to change to F:\Inne\C unless ciso.exe requires that.)

You may also need to add |noext to the second argument, if it isn't supposed to have a file extension on the end:

F:\Inne\C\ciso.exe 9 {filepath} {filepath|noext}

It's difficult to say exactly what is needed when I don't know anything baout ciso, though. :slight_smile:

If my guesses aren't enough then please give an example of what the command line should end up like. Also test that command line in a command prompt to ensure it's correct for the ciso.exe program. At tha point we can then help you make a button which will generate similar command lines for the selected files in Opus.

Great :slight_smile: big thx!

i put:

F:\Inne\C\ciso.exe 9 {filepath} {filepath|ext=cso}

works fine:)