Clarify that the dialogs title property is available under the label field

On the page:!Documents/Scripting/Static_Text_Properties.htm

I propose updating the Image line description to clarify the Title property is accessed via the field "label"

I.e., you change the title via: Dlg.Control("mycontrol").label = "my_image.jpg"

Image : When set to True the control will display an image file instead of a text string. The value of the Title property will be used as the pathname of the image to display (so in your script, you can load a new image by changing the control's title by manipulating the label field). The image will be scaled to fit the control automatically.

We'll add "title" as an alternative name for the Control.label property, so you can use either name, and update the Control docs.

(Ideally, it'd be the same name everywhere, but "title" is used in the XML resources and Dialog Editor, while "label" is used in existing scripts, so we'll make it so both work in scripts.)