Clear filter

Sometimes I use the Filter dialog (toolbar) and even removing the result with Set QUICKFILTERCLEAR, files remain hidden, I just display all files again by clicking...


Does anyone know if it is possible to create a button with that option or some other way to solve this situation?

Could you give/show more context?

I'm not sure what that menu or menu item is, since it's in another language and the screenshot doesn't show what's being clicked to open it.

I think I found it: The old File Filter Field you can add to toolbars. (The Filter Bar is more usual these days, but we kept the old field as some people prefer it.)

Assuming that field is in Quick Filter mode (Filtro Rapido in your screenshot), Set QUICKFILTERCLEAR should clear it.

Files can be hidden for other reasons, not just the Quick Filter.

You can always click the hidden item count on the status bar (or use Folder > Show Everything, from the menus at the top) to turn of all filtering (other than hiding folders in Flat View > No Folders mode).

True @Leo, I am one of those who prefers the Filter text box in the toolbar, although I also have a button to access the Filter Bar (Set QUICKFILTER) when I need it.

It is also true that there are several reasons why files can remain hidden, but I am totally certain that I am telling you that they are exclusively related to the Filter, I am going to continue studying here to see what is happening, thanks