Clear filters button fails

I used this filter field and clear filters button:

The clearing worked fine, until now. I recently upgraded to 10.5.
The button doesn't clear the filter field anymore. It seems to flash: a click seems to undo the filter on "button up". Just for a moment. Not permanently.

Can anyone confirm this behavior and know how to solve it?

What command does that button button run?

That isn't a button, it's a menu.

Clicking it won't run a command, it will show a menu of other things.

I'm not exactly sure what to answer.
Does this tell you more:


<?xml version="1.0"?> Clear Filters #filterfield Clear Filters #default:deletefilter Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME="" Set HIDEFILTERFILENAME="" Set SHOWFILTERFOLDERS="" Set HIDEFILTERFOLDERS="" Set HIDEFILTERATTR="" Set SHOWFILTERATTR="" Set QUICKFILTERCLEAR Select NOPATTERN SHOWHIDDEN Hide System Files #recursivefilter Set HIDESYSTEMFILES=Toggle [/code]

Thanks, that looks correct.

I think the problem happens if you click the Clear Filter button when the filter itself still has the input focus.

Recent changes made to prevent unnecessarily taking the focus from toolbar controls have also meant that if the filter has focus, then you click the button, the filter will be given the focus again, and it responds by reinstating the old filter.

There are a few alternative workarounds:

[ul][li]Add Set FOCUS=Source to the top of the command. Then it will explicitly give the focus to the file display.


[li]Manually give focus to something else if the filter has the focus right now. (As simple as pushing Return in the filter.)


[li]Use the newer Filter Bar instead of the older toolbar filter fields. It has a built-in clear button, and when you're not filtering it doesn't take up any space.[/li][/ul]

Thanks Leo.
I will opt for filter bar :slight_smile:.