ClearIconCache flagged as dangerous

Windows 10 virus and threat protection quarantined ClearIconCache.exe when I accessed a folder on my NAS where I keep Opus related stuff. False positive? Anything I should check?


Any respectable AV should flag such a file no matter how many times it has been used because of the action it executes. It is also unsigned which makes matters worse!.

If you have downloaded it from here:

You will be fine and it is a false-positive.

That ZIP file is undoubtedly where I got it from. What's interesting is that the extracted EXE has been in the same NAS folder for years and I access that folder pretty regularly. This is the first time I have had a warning.

My wild guess would be the AVs increased reliance on heuristics (I.E. flagging based on what it does to the system) rather than signature-based approach. All in all, check if its the same file and if it is there is nothing to be worried about.

Windows Defender is absolute garbage these days.

That exe hasn't changed in years and has nothing in it that should even remotely look like a threat, assuming it still matches the version from the website.

Please waste Microsoft's time with this instead of ours. They make this antivirus which has become so awful in the last few years, and then we end up having to answer questions about it instead of the people responsible for the mess.