Clearing Search History


If I wish to clear my search history, how do I do this?

When I go into pref --> Logging, I can view the Output Window.

There are three tabs:
Undo and

Is there a button that will automatically clear these?
I though Recent CLEAR , would do it, but it doesn't.

AdditionAlly, even if I do manually clear the find page, I can still view all my previous searches when i go to the find panel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:


Parent up from the Find Results collection (so you're now showing coll://) and delete the collection.

I agree, it would be nice if Opus had a single command you could run which clears ALL history in terms of recent, remembered folders for standard dialogs, find results, find parameters and remembered filters in the drop-down filter boxes on toolbars. (But I guess saved/named (Advanced) Filters shouldn't be deleted or should be an option.)

hey there! thanks for your reply :smiley:

the prob is i use the find window which outputs the results into itself, not into a new lister.

when i do as you advise and Parent up from the Find Results collection, deleting the contents in collections does not clear the remembered searches in the find drop down box of the find panel.

is there really no way to do this? :cry: :open_mouth: :confused: :open_mouth: :confused: :cry:

Oh, you mean the parameters in the Find window? I thought you meant the find results (which are cleared in the Find window for me automatically, but not when sent to a collection, hence my confusion).

As far as I know, the only way to clear the parameters of the Find window (or panel) is to remove them from the Registry directly.

it's an old post but it still is the same behavior in dopus today.

i've tried to search in registry where this is set but it's not so obvious to find it.
Can you tell where is it located in registry ?

Also few ideas :

  • when we click on 'Reset' button in 'find window', maybe it could also clear this keyword history in name matching droplist ?
  • there could be an option in preferences so that dopus will clear this history when we close dopus ?

I don't know if it useful for other people but it seems to me that an option to clear old searched patterns like this could be a good idea - for clarity and also for privacy.

The entries are stored in

/dopuslocaldata\State Data\MRU\find_name.osd

You can simply delete the file.

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